The worlds biggest Stormwitch-Site

www.stronger-than-heaven.net was online for more than 5 years now. After thinking about it the last weeks and even months over and over again, I decided to finally put it down.

People always want to have reasons why something is happening.
Actually it's pretty simple: It seems like there is no real interest from users in this site anymore. All attempts to get feedback where useless and completely ignored. But still it is - or was! - a good starting point to the history of the band. I'm now at a point where I should plan and do many technical changes because the sites backend (Typo3 4.2.x) is pretty old. But that would take weeks to complete, maybe a complete reprogramming would be necessary. So I decided to quit.

For any news on STORMWITCH I'll be sure you'll get them on www.stormwitch.de and their Facebook account.
For any news on the great WITCHBOUND please visit www.witchbound.com and their Facebook account.

And - never say never! - I'll backup all the data from here. Maybe I'll have fun with it in some months or years and bring it back. But, this isn't a promise!

Thanks for visiting.